Sunday, January 6, 2013

Emily Is 5!

My baby girl turned 5 at the end of December! I know everyone feels this way but time is flying by so fast! She had a wonderful birthday. We gave Emily the choice between having a friend party or going to The Great Wolf Lodge and she picked going to the lodge:) We had such a great time. She also had a family party. Here are some pictures from my sweet girls big day!


DSC04587 DSC04588   Ellie and Emily helped decorate the cake! DSC04603  DSC04607  DSC04621 DSC04623 DSC04638 Here she is giving her new Bella Ballerina shoes a spin!DSC04641   DSC04648  

If I had to describe Emily in two words it would be funny and sweet! She loves to make people laugh, especially Ellie and she is just SWEET! She loves stuffed animals and any little character she can get her hands on like Strawberry Shortcake or her latest obsession, My Little Pony. She will play for hours talking for these little guys. She is not a morning person but it typically doesn’t take her too long to shake off the morning grumpies. She is a “natural” at most things she tries and one very loved little girl! Happy Birthday Emily…..WE LOVE YOU!