Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fun with Grandpa

The girls are blessed with 3 grandpas and this past Sat. we spent the day with one of the grandpas at the balloon rally. We had a great time with grandpa!

Ellie is enjoying the view from dads shoulders


Emily was in awe of the balloonsDSC03115

The girls and I enjoying the launch

DSC03123 DSC03124 DSC03128

The girls LOVED LOVED the trampolines.

DSC03132 DSC03134 DSC03146

The night launch was beautiful!


I used to go to the balloon rally growing up so it was so cool to experience this with Ellie and Emily!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Lunches

I have had fun making the girls Halloween themed food this week. 



Lunch was a sand "witch”, white chocolate strawberry ghost, pretzel stick witches brooms and mummy juice. All of these ideas came from Pinterest.

 IMG_0252 (Picture won’t flip for me…..again)

PB&J mummy roll ups, pumpkin tangerine and snap pea crisp witches fingers.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Homeschool Fieldtrip

A local corn maize was having homeschool day recently so we joined some friends for a day of fun. They broke us up into two groups: 4 and under and K-5th grade. I went with Emily’s group so I didn’t get a lot of pics of Ellie until we met up at the playground. Emily got to plant corn


Go on a hayride, visit the chickens, collect wooden eggs (she had no idea they weren’t real),


practice milking a cow


feed the goats, collect fake veggies and once she turned in and sorted all of her eggs, fruits and veggies they paid her $2 and she was able to go pick out a pumkin for $2. It was such a cute process!!DSC02941 DSC02946

Ellie’s group went to a small lecture all about corn and the farm, went through the big corn maize, went on a hay ride and finished up with the animals. After we were done we played on their really cool playground. The tree house was the biggest hit.

DSC02955 DSC02964 DSC02977

I wanted to get a picture of the girls together….just one….but it seems impossible to get both of the girls to look at the camera and smile at the same time and this is what I kept getting:DSC02986 DSC02987 DSC02988 DSC02989 DSC02992 DSC02993

I think I will appreciate these goof ball pictures more in the years to come!! Man, I love these cuties!!!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Sensory Bin

I just finished making our newest sensory bin and I hope the girls enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

IMG_0245 IMG_0246

Here is what is in it:

Black beans

Little witches pots

Orange pom poms

Little plastic bugs

Glow sticks

Ghost erasers

Little plastic Halloween to toys

Wooden Halloween figures

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Three Weeks Down

We just finished up our third week of school and I can’t believe how fast it is going by! I haven’t taken a lot of pictures other than of Emily on the first day (because Chris was actually taking them) and of some of our book and art activities.

The first week we worked on the letter A. Here is Emily with a few of her activities. Most of the activities were printed from Kidssoup. She worked on making an A with playdough, matching different color A’s, tracing the letter, coloring things that start with A, putting together a puzzle, and gluing on words that start with the letter A.

DSC02845 DSC02846 DSC02847 DSC02850

 DSC02851 DSC02852

We read the book And Rain Makes Applesauce and made umbrellas with cupcake liners and yarn on cardstock and drew applesauce rain on the pictures.

DSC02853 DSC02855

Their favorite activity of course was making acorns. I saw this idea on Pinterest. You take Hershey Kisses and add a mini vanilla wafer and top it off with a peanut butter chip on the top. We used icing for the glue. DSC02899. DSC02901

We enjoyed our acorns while watching our letter A movie…The Apple Dumpling Gang. Lets just say they were not that impressed with the movie:)

On the 2nd week we worked on the letter B and what is more fun than blowing bubbles. I filled up cups with water and food coloring and added straws. I let the girls blow bubbles in their cup onto water color paper. This was a big hit because they are normally not able to blow bubbles with their drinks.

DSC02902 DSC02903 DSC02904 DSC02905 DSC02907

This wraps up the first 2 weeks of school. I was very happy with how well the girls have gotten back into the groove of school. Yes, we have had some not so great moments but I feel so blessed to stay home and teach my girls!!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Circle Time

Circle time is one of my favorite parts of our school day because it is something we all do together and I am not trying to split my time. It is a time for us to be silly but still learning together. DSC02787DSC02788

I have a list of possible activities to cover during circle time but we don’t do all of them everyday. I just pick and choose what works for us that day. Here is the list:

Pledge of allegiance, letter of the week, sign language, number of the week, songs with instruments, rhymes, show and tell, poem, read a book or short story, word wall, 100’s chart, skip counting, praying, calendar time, learning our phone number and address, reviewing states and capitals that we are learning, bible verses, frontier girls promise, Veritas cards, and feeding Rita (I will explain that in a minute).

Most of the things we are covering in circle time are posted on the wall  but anything that is not hanging up is in a box that I keep on our circle time table. DSC02821The box holds all of our poems, stories, Veritas cards, flash cards and any extras. The little trash can with the eyeballs is Rita. The girls feed Rita most days during circle time. If we are working on the number two then they might feed her 2 marbles and if we are working with the letter C then they feed her things that make the “C” sound. I mainly started using Rita for Emily but Ellie loves her just as much!

I made a notebook for all of our stories and have them categorized by season so I can easily find stories that are applicable for a topic we are working on. (sorry the pictures are side ways but they wouldn’t stay turned!)

    DSC02822 DSC02823

One of my favorite things we do I found on Mrs.. Lee’s Kindergarten blog. I will read a story and I will ask them to tell me the title, theme, characters, setting, problem, and solution. I wrote each of those things on sentence strips and put magnets on the back so whenever we are going to use them I just put them on the magnetic dry erase board and I write the answers on the board.


That pretty much sums up our circle time:)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Frontier Girls

Both girls are doing Frontier Girls this year and I am so happy that we have found a home school troop and both girls can do it together. They just earned their fire safety badge and are working on their etiquette badge.

 DSC02879 DSC02895