Tuesday, April 19, 2011


My mom is petrified of snakes and I do mean petrified!!!! I don’t like them one bit either. They make my skin crawl and give me major ebee jeebee’s (what? that is a word) but I am no where near as scared of them as my mom is. I have tried very hard not to show my fear of snakes around the girls especially since we can’t seem to go outside without seeing one:( Unfortunately, Ellie has had several run ins and is actually more scared them I am. Once she was riding her bike at the greenway and a snake ran across the path in front of her. Next thing I know she is off her bike and running towards us and screaming like a crazy person. More recently we were at the museum and she wouldn’t even walk down the aisle with the snakes in it.

Emily on the other hand doesn’t seem the least bit phased by them. We have talked about how we shouldn’t pick up anything insect/animal that we find outside (except for caterpillars, ladybugs etc.) but I guess she didn’t realize snakes were included in this because the other day she picked up a snake in the front yard like it was no big deal. All she said was “Ewww, snake.” Luckily it was a brown snake and it was dead and thank goodness my poor mom wasn’t here!!!!! The really funny this is she can see a little ant on the ground and run and scream like it the scariest thing in the world. Go figure!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring/Easter Sensory Tub

Our space tub was such a HUGE hit that I really wanted to make one for Spring and Easter. Here is what I came up with:

 DSC02198 DSC02199

Here is what I put in it:

Dried beans

Miniature clay pots

Basket for birds nest

A few plastic bugs

Large plastic egg and small plastic eggs from the $ Tree

Little fuzzy chicks. I got these last year after Easter for 75% off at the grocery store

Little foam bird from the $ Tree

I have scoops, bowls, tongs etc. that they will use too but I usually just set those beside the bin.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


We finished up our 3 weeks of space last week. I think we all really enjoyed it. It is crazy how much I am learning along with the girls! I won’t show you all of our activities but I will show you the girls favorites.

Of course they loved doing the phases of the moon with Oreo cookies and eating them afterwards! This idea and printable came from Spell Out Loud.

DSC02166 DSC02168

We made a big moon to hang on the wall with homemade puffy paint by mixing shaving cream and glue together. I got the idea from No Time For Flashcards. This was very messy which means Emily loved it!

DSC02169 DSC02172

DSC02176 DSC02177 DSC02181

We cut out stars and moon using our homemade play dough. This is usually a hit or miss but luckily it was a hit!DSC02178 DSC02180

I set out stamps and stencils with a few sheets of paper but Ellie wanted to make a book. I love it when they take initiative. She wanted to narrate and illustrate it but I had to do all of the writing.

DSC02183 DSC02184

Pin Punching the constellations from here.


This is another fun activity from Spell Out Loud. You toss M&M’s on a piece of paper and wherever they land you make a little star, connect the dots and name your constellation. Oh and than eat the M&M’s of course!


A few of our other favorites I did not get a picture of were:

Film Canister Constellation

NASA’s website for kids

Eating astronaut ice cream


and the hands down favorite -  Visiting the planetarium!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Tea Time

I had grand plans for Friday. The girls and I were going to stay home and play, bake and have a tea party. It was going to be a great day but than life happened and we all woke up grumpy! Chores were not being done with a happy heart so more chores were added and tears started flowing. After all of the drama I didn’t want to play anymore which caused more tears. Luckily, we still had our tea party and that was the highlight of the day. We gathered up a big stack of books, set the table and enjoyed a good hour or more of books, giggles and tea. I know that our table and our tea parties aren’t the least bit fancy but the girls think they are and even though we have these parties often they always get excited! Thank goodness for tea parties!!

DSC02188 DSC02192