Friday, March 20, 2009

I Heart Scrapbook Paper

I know it sounds crazy but I love scrapbook paper. There are so many things you can do with it and thanks to the blog world I am learning about quite a few. Some of the projects that I have done lately is make these cute little bunnies for Easter. It costs a grand total of $1.25 and didn't take long at all. The idea came from this blog. I also used scrapbook paper to make artwork for the girls bathroom. I recently redid their bathroom in cats and dogs but couldn't find anything cute to hang on the wall so I saw this idea and loved it. So here is what I came up with. And remember these I made for Emily's room from scrapbook paper. Some of the ideas that I plan on doing in the near future are using them to write on pots. She used fabric but I think it would totally work with paper. How cute is that and what a great gift too. I love this idea too!!! You could do this for just about any holiday. I saw XOXO at Valentines day and it was so cute. Another cute gift idea is to cover unattractive notebooks. There is a tutorial here. You can also laminate it to make place mats for the kids. I can't remember which blogs I saw the following ideas on but they covered the back wall of a book shelf with paper so when you looked at the book shelf you saw this cool design in the back and they covered cardboard magazine holders with scrapbook paper (cute way to store holiday or seasonal books by using seasonal paper). These are just a few the many ways to use scrapbook paper. What ideas do you guys have?

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Christopher said...

I love are doing so many cool things!