Friday, June 18, 2010


We spent last week at the beach it is was so nice to get away!! It was such a great break from the computer, chores, school, and work! The girls were so excited and I just love getting to spend quality time with them without thinking of all of the 100 other things I could be doing when we are at home. We spent lots of time at hanging out on the beach....mostly in the evenings when it was nice and cool

fishing at the pond
visiting the children's museum

and swimming at the pool....lots! Sorry no pics of me....I took a vacation from make-up and my hair straightener too so I will keep those lovely pics to myself:)
I am not sure if the if the girls enjoyed the actual beach more or the fact that we stayed up late almost every night and ate lots of ice cream but it was a great vacation!


Anonymous said...

Those were great pictures of the girls and i sure am glad you have this blog as it's the only way i can keep up with them. Ellie sure has grown since i saw her last. She is becoming quite a big girl. They sure looked like they were enjoying themselfs. Love, DAD

Melenie said...

Great pics, Julie.
It looks like you had a great time.