Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Circle Time

Circle time is one of my favorite parts of our school day because it is something we all do together and I am not trying to split my time. It is a time for us to be silly but still learning together. DSC02787DSC02788

I have a list of possible activities to cover during circle time but we don’t do all of them everyday. I just pick and choose what works for us that day. Here is the list:

Pledge of allegiance, letter of the week, sign language, number of the week, songs with instruments, rhymes, show and tell, poem, read a book or short story, word wall, 100’s chart, skip counting, praying, calendar time, learning our phone number and address, reviewing states and capitals that we are learning, bible verses, frontier girls promise, Veritas cards, and feeding Rita (I will explain that in a minute).

Most of the things we are covering in circle time are posted on the wall  but anything that is not hanging up is in a box that I keep on our circle time table. DSC02821The box holds all of our poems, stories, Veritas cards, flash cards and any extras. The little trash can with the eyeballs is Rita. The girls feed Rita most days during circle time. If we are working on the number two then they might feed her 2 marbles and if we are working with the letter C then they feed her things that make the “C” sound. I mainly started using Rita for Emily but Ellie loves her just as much!

I made a notebook for all of our stories and have them categorized by season so I can easily find stories that are applicable for a topic we are working on. (sorry the pictures are side ways but they wouldn’t stay turned!)

    DSC02822 DSC02823

One of my favorite things we do I found on Mrs.. Lee’s Kindergarten blog. I will read a story and I will ask them to tell me the title, theme, characters, setting, problem, and solution. I wrote each of those things on sentence strips and put magnets on the back so whenever we are going to use them I just put them on the magnetic dry erase board and I write the answers on the board.


That pretty much sums up our circle time:)

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Anonymous said...

I don't know how you dream up and keep up with all these things but you do a wonderful job of it and everything is so neat and organized. I would bet there is not a school that is this neat and organized and i am so proud of you. Keep up the good work. Tell your pupils i love them and i love you too. DAD It wouldn't let me sign in so i had to send it as anonymous'