Sunday, March 27, 2011

I’m Still Here

I know it has been awhile since I posted but it has been a crazy 2 1/2 weeks here. Ellie had a cold, Emily had the flu, I caught the flu which turned into a sinus infection and ear infection, and then Emily caught a virus or something that gave us a scare on top of another cold. Thank the Lord that my awesome hubby took over and took such good care of us on top of taking over most of the household responsibilities during that time!!! I am feeling back to normal and other then a little bit of a runny nose Emily is better too!! Emily was mostly feeling better Friday except for her cold so I was able to get away for the weekend. I have had a girls weekend planned for a few weeks and I thought that I was going to have to cancel but I am so grateful I didn’t because I had a BLAST!!!! I went to the mountains for a Christian women’s retreat with these two beautiful ladies. IMG_0065

It was cold but luckily the rain held off until Sat. night and it didn’t interfere with most of our activities. We started off our weekend with a big bonfire, smores and The Neighbors blue grass band! The next day we tried the rock climbing wallIMG_0070 and I went down a zip line for the first time which was so awesome!!!! IMG_0072 I know you can’t tell but that is me on the left. We also did this rope pulley swing thing where they pull you up in your harness and you pull the cord. You free fall for just a little bit and then swing in your harness. It was really cool. We also walked some and took a great yoga class and let me just tell you the food was wonderful!!! I probably gained weight because the food was so good. There was a Proverbs 31 speaker there also who gave lectures on our spiritual treasures. She spoke several times and she truly was a gifted speaker! We just might have fit in a nap or two! To finish off our weekend we went to the barn and helped feed the horses, brush and walk them and did a little bareback riding. This was much harder then I thought it would be. It was great to try it but next time I will take a saddle:) It was a much needed weekend away and I feel rejuvenated for at least a few hours.


Megan said...

so glad you are feeling better & had so much fun! pls don't feel like you need to deliver until you are back in the swing of things - i know it takes awhile after you've had a few weeks like you have!

Katy said...

Looks and sounds like an amazing time!! So glad you girls got to get away!!

Teresa said...

Such a great weekend.