Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vacation Activity Bag

We recently got back from the beach and we had such a great time. The older the girls get the more fun we seem to have. It is just so nice to have the uninterrupted family time!! Every year I pack a bag of new activities for the girls to do when we are just relaxing at the beach house. Sometimes the activities last 20 min. and sometimes 1 min. You just never know but this year the girls spent lots of time with the items I brought. Here is what our vacation activity bag consisted of:

Uno Moo: My sister bought this for the girls and it was a big hit


Spot It: A fun game for any age. Each card has a picture that matches a picture on another card. The first one to spot the match keeps the card.


Melissa & Doug Make a Face: This was the biggest hit of all. They both spent so much time playing with this. I will be buying this again for sure!


The rest of the items were found in the $ section at the craft store/

Beach Stickers with Markers to make a picture scene

Paper Dolls

3D Mosaic Animals – I thought they would love this but it wasn’t a big hit

Sun Catchers to paint

Peel and Stick Sand Art – always a hit

New Bubbles

Books of course :)

What do you take with you on vacation to keep the kids busy during down time?

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