Tuesday, August 3, 2010

School Plans for 2010-2011

I have been in major school planning mode for the last week or so and have almost the first 6 weeks of school planned. My goal is when we start school at the end of August to have 6 weeks planned for both girls including circle time. I want everything printed, pages tagged or whatever needs to be done so I can easily fill our workboxes each night. Here is our school plan:
My Father's World 1st grade - I never thought I would use an all in one curriculum but I really like this curriculum, especially the bible section. I am going to supplement the reading with:

Happy Phonics - Ellie has loved this. It is all games and lots of fun!

Explode the Code
we will also be using
Math U See Primer

Artistic Pursuits

We will also be reading lots of books! I always include 2-3 books in one of Ellie's boxes and this continues to be her favorite thing in her workboxes.

We will also supplement in with games, Handwritting Without Tears (that we were doing last year), lots of hands on activities and different printables from Kidssoup.com, Confessions of a Homeschooler, Prekinders,Teacher File Box and Making Learning Fun.

For Emily:

I still plan on doing tot school activities with her. In the past she has had 3 school boxes to choose from while Ellie was doing school but I am going to add in another box so she will have 4. Three of the boxes will be ones she can work on independently and the 4th box will be one for us to do together. Also anything that is in Ellie's workbox that has to do with a science experiment or craft I include enough materials for Emily to participate too.

Circle Time:

Circle time will pretty much stay the same but we are going to do Ellie's bible lesson during this time so Emily can be a party of it and I have added a pocket chart to our circle time board so I can include fun rhymes and poems.


Valerie said...

oh my gosh... i'm such a slacker! it's the middle of september and i still have NO idea what i'm doing with spencer!!! i really need to come copy your stuff, girl. it's only gonna get worse when the baby comes, so i need to get totally prepared now!! miss you!

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