Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

The girls are memorizing : Even a Child is known by his deeds Proverbs 20:11 in school this week and we checked out a great book at the library to go with the verse!!!


It talks about how everyone has an invisible bucket they carry around  and when you do kind things, act nicely ect. you are a bucket filler and you fill other peoples bucket but if you are rude, don’t use manners, bully etc. you are a bucket dipper and are dipping out of others buckets.

We all love the book and have read it multiple times. I saw this great post on making a bucket dipping chart and filling a real bucket for a class so I might modify it and do something like that with the girls. This theme also goes along great with my friend Teresa’s blog post that you can read here! We are going to work really hard to be bucket fillers this week!

Have you filled a bucket today??

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