Tuesday, April 19, 2011


My mom is petrified of snakes and I do mean petrified!!!! I don’t like them one bit either. They make my skin crawl and give me major ebee jeebee’s (what? that is a word) but I am no where near as scared of them as my mom is. I have tried very hard not to show my fear of snakes around the girls especially since we can’t seem to go outside without seeing one:( Unfortunately, Ellie has had several run ins and is actually more scared them I am. Once she was riding her bike at the greenway and a snake ran across the path in front of her. Next thing I know she is off her bike and running towards us and screaming like a crazy person. More recently we were at the museum and she wouldn’t even walk down the aisle with the snakes in it.

Emily on the other hand doesn’t seem the least bit phased by them. We have talked about how we shouldn’t pick up anything insect/animal that we find outside (except for caterpillars, ladybugs etc.) but I guess she didn’t realize snakes were included in this because the other day she picked up a snake in the front yard like it was no big deal. All she said was “Ewww, snake.” Luckily it was a brown snake and it was dead and thank goodness my poor mom wasn’t here!!!!! The really funny this is she can see a little ant on the ground and run and scream like it the scariest thing in the world. Go figure!

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Teresa said...

these kids will be the death of us.