Monday, September 12, 2011

Our School Room

I don’t think I have ever posted pictures of our school room before and since a wonderful friend recently helped me rearrange some things it I thought it would be a good time to share pics.

Here is our circle time area. Our circle time area is to the right when you walk in the room and behind the door is our calendar, family mailboxes and school rules. We use the little mail boxes to put their allowance in and write notes to each other.

DSC02787 DSC02788 DSC02789

In the middle of the room we have our school table and up against the wall is Emily’s workboxes. Ellie is using a notebook instead of a workbox that you can see on the back of her purple chair. I will talk more about how Ellie is using her school notebook in another post.

DSC02793 DSC02795

In one of the dormers there is a cabinet that holds the curriculum that doesn’t get used as often and the baskets on top hold the curriculum that we use on a daily basis.

DSC02806 DSC02807

Also, in this dormer is our animal wall from Road Trip USA and our Mystery of History time line.  DSC02809

In the other dormer we have our foam alphabet that we are working on. All of the foam letter ideas came from Totally Tots.DSC02808 

My friend had the great idea of putting all of our books in file crates so the girls can easily flip through them. So they run along the back wall of the room. This has been such a huge hit! They aren’t in alphabetical order but all of the A’s are together and B’s are together etc.  DSC02812

 DSC02810 This large Ikea shelf holds most of our games, Holiday books and manipulatives. DSC02819

Our art shelf is tucked behind our chair but it wasn’t quite big enough to hold everything so there is a SMALL closet right beside it so I put a shoe holder on the back to help hold our loose items.

DSC02828 DSC02829

On our longest wall we have a sofa and chair because this is also the room where we watch TV and I have a craft nook in the corner but it was too messy to photograph:)

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King of King said...

That is a beautful classroom and so organized' I just love the table and chairs HE, HE
Looks like before long someone is going to have to make a bigger table and chairs. Love, DAD