Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Days

Summer is so fun for us because we get to spend more time with our friends, we get to go swimming etc. but the down side is once we really get into the summer months it gets so hot out that we can't play outside and we get a little stir crazy being stuck inside. I saw this fun Cool Summer banner and decided to make one for the girls. Each cone is a pocket and you put a different activity in each pocket. My very crafty friend, Teresa, had the great idea for us to make a 7 day banner instead and that way we can do it for a week and then take a week off etc. Isn't she smart? So here is the finished product: (Thanks T for letting me copy you)I am going to start it on Monday so I better start coming up with our activities!!


Katy said...

Too cute! Great idea girls!!

Anonymous said...

Good idea' Here is a link that might give you some ideas. Dad

Momma Snail said...

That's just awesome!!!