Monday, June 29, 2009

I Spy Bottle

Ellie really enjoys the I Spy books and when we were at our local toy store I saw a neat I Spy bottle but I am cheap and didn't want to pay $15 for it. I saw this great post and her I Spy bottle looked just as good as the one at the toy store so I decided to make one. It was easy and fun. Ellie and I colored rice by putting rice in Ziplocs with a splash of vinegar and food color and let it dry for a few hours or in my case a few days:) Collect little trinkets to put in your bottle and take a picture of them so you know what you are looking for. Last step is to spoon the rice and trinkets in the bottle (make sure you leave enough open space so you can move the rice around) and hot glue the lid on. Wasn't that simple?

I think I am going to save this for our next longer car ride!


Katy said...

That's so funny you posted about coloring rice - I was just getting ready to ask you how to do that :-) Great job blogger!!!

Jennifer said...

Great bottle! Thanks for linking me. :) I hope you little one enjoys it, mine never seem to play with it much unfortunately.