Monday, June 1, 2009


We didn't do preschool last week according to Ellie but we were still busy reading, drawing, making goo, playing with play-doh, having pretend picnics etc.

We are reading Charlotte's Web and I forgot how much I love this book. Ellie is enjoying it too and once we finish reading it we are going to watch the movie.

Ellie has been asking to make goo so I got each of the girls a tub, cornstarch, tea pots with water, plastic silverware and food coloring. It started out like this:

and once I went to the hose to fill up more water I turned around to this:

so we made green monster foot prints on the sidewalk and played princess and witch over and over and over. You get the picture!
Here are the girls having a picnic.


Christopher said...

You guys do such fun stuff. You are too brave because, what a mess!

Anonymous said...

You would have made the best teacher in the world. You never fail to amase me. DAD