Friday, August 21, 2009

Pretend Play

One of Emily's favorite books is Carlo and the Really Nice Librarian. After we read it for the fifth time today we were inspired to set up our own library. I had the idea but Ellie really ran with it and most of the ideas were her own, which I loved. She wanted to make it just like the library we frequent. Emily decorated a sign for the library, we made library cards, set up a computer station (Ellie's favorite part of going to the library), placed books in several different areas of the room for checking out, set up the princess cash register for book check out time and most importantly set up for story time. We had a great turnout for story time!!! Bear, owl, Cinderella and all of their friends showed up. I tried to make story time similar to the libraries. We read several books, listened to music, danced and most importantly handed out stickers and blew bubbles. I have a feeling we will be playing this again soon!


Katy said...

Looks like a good time!!

Christopher said...

It is so funny what kids will pick for play. Who would have thought Library. What fun! I can hook you up with a real computer if you want.