Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Advent Calendar

We started our advent calendar yesterday and I just wanted to share what we will be doing. Some of the ideas are ones I just came up with but most of them came from other blogs such as I Blame My Mother and Activity Mom. Here is the list in no particular order:

1. Give the girls a Veggie Tales Christmas CD
2. Make gingerbread playdoh
3. Go see the singing bears
4. Read new book The Night Before Christmas and do a matching craft
5. Read Christmas books by the tree with hot chocolate (to do with mom and dad)
6. Paint ornaments
7. Make a gingerbread house
8. Go to a Christmas play
9. Put on a family Christmas play (this will probably be one of Ellie's favorites)
10. Make a gumdrop tree
11. Give the girls peg doll necklaces I painted
12. Dinner picnic while watching a Christmas movie
13. Go see Santa
14. Go to the Live Nativity at church
15. Let the girls go shopping to get dad a Christmas present
16. Shop for our angel tree person
17. Christmas party
18. Make reindeer food
19. Make cookies for Santa
20. Camp out in front of the Christmas tree
21. Eat breakfast for dinner in our pj's
22. Make a birthday cake for Jesus to eat after Christmas dinner
23. Make Christmas cards for friends
24. Bake a Christmas treat

The idea that I am most excited about came from this blog!! I just love it and will be doing this every year! I am going to make tickets and put in the girls beds. We will put them to bed like normal but when they see the ticket we will tell them it is for the Christmas Light Express. I will have popcorn, hot chocolate and a little candy in their car seat and we will drive around in their pj's and look at the lights. I think they will just be overjoyed for so many reasons:) I just love love this idea!


Katy said...

This is one of my favorite traditions from growing up. We would all pile in the car and go light lookin'. Now Joe and I do it and it's super fun!! We have certain neighborhoods that we love to go to!

I think the girls will LOVE this! What a treat!

Teresa said...

I love the idea of going to look at lights like that. We will so be doing this.

Christopher said...

The girls get so excited over the Advent Calendar. What a wonderful way to build up to Christmas.

I am looking forward to the Christmas Light Express. I can almost hear the girls coming down the stairs screaming.