Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Light Express

Remember the idea I found here about looking at Christmas lights? Well we finally went the other night. Both girls are sick right now and we didn't want them going to bed too late but we didn't want to stray from our plan of letting them think they are going to bed but instead going to look at lights so we did the only thing that makes sense........set all of the clocks forward an hour. I know, I know we are rotten but it really was a win win situation. The girls thought they got to stay up really late and we still got to have our down time after they went to bed:) I put a BIG golden ticket on Ellie's little sofa bed where we were all going to read books. Of course she wanted to know what it was and when she found out both girls started jumping up and down and we all quickly got on coats and shoes and headed off in our pj's. I had the girls each a baggie of popcorn, M&M's and Skittles in their car seat with hot chocolate to drink. It was so fun and we found some great lights!! Ellie spent today off and on looking for more golden tickets even though I told her there were no more!


Katy said...

that sounds like so much fun!! We are planning on doing our Christmas light tour some time this week! I love it!!

Melenie said...

What fun!
We love doing Christmas light drives as well.