Sunday, September 19, 2010

Having School Here There and Everywhere

In the past two weeks we have done school on schedule but we haven’t done school in our school room very much! We had a day that was a little cooler so I just took our workbox system outside  DSC00879and we sat at the patio table and did our work.DSC00878 Emily enjoyed this even more then Ellie because I let her make a mess with her activities and boy did she ever. Instead of reading our books on the sofa like normal we read and ate our snack in our swing set playhouse. DSC00881I am not going to lie….I enjoy the soft sofa way more then the hard wood floor but the girls love it!

Several times in the last few weeks we have loaded up my backpack with school books and the girls and I have headed to the mall Barnes & Noble for school (yes, I  look like a dork walking around the mall with a loaded backpack). When we get there both girls pick out ridiculously big stacks of books and while they are working I read to them and if there is work Ellie needs to really concentrate on I will help her and then we will take a break and read books after. It is also a great incentive to have the play area to go to if we get our work done in time. I use the play area for PE:) So where else do you do school?


Billy & Megan said...

i love this idea - a great perk to homeschooling is freedom to take fieldtrips whenever you want to. must add to my "pro" list :)

Teresa said...

Great idea. You have inspired me to take abby to the lake to do homework next week.