Friday, September 24, 2010

Wisdom From A 5 Year Old

This was our conversation in the car while running a few quick errands that end up taking twice as long as I thought. I had not planned on going inside anywhere so I just wore what I was cleaning in… shorts with a paint stain and a t-shirt. Not to mention that my hair looked lovely!!

Ellie: Mom I am hungry!! We have been running errands forever.

Me: I will stop and grab you guys lunch and you can eat it in the car.

Ellie: Can we please eat it there so I don’t spill any of my food.

Me: No, because I am wearing grubby clothes and my hair is a mess.

Ellie: Mom, it is not what you look like on the outside but how you are on the inside that counts. Remember you shouldn’t care what others think.

OK seriously….what do you say to that??

Me: You are absolutely right!

Why didn’t I just say we don’t have time!!!

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Anonymous said...

That Ellie is wise WAY beyond her years. How cute was that' and she out smarted you'