Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kindergarten with Ellie

We are into our 4th week of school and it is going really well. Having the first 6 weeks planned out has been wonderful. I have tweaked a few things along the way but we have stuck to it for the most part. So here how everything is going:

Math U See Primer-  Still really easy at this point but will be getting a little more challenging soon

Explode the Code – Going pretty good. The work is easy for her but she doesn’t love all the writing involved.

Happy Phonics – She still loves this and looks forward to playing the games.

My Father’s World 1st grade– We are taking this very slow but it is going really well. We are all enjoying the bible portion of it.

Artistic Pursuits – I love this and Ellie likes it but just not as much as me:)

Handwriting Without Tears – This is a great great program but this is where we butt heads. She wants to write her way and doesn’t want me to help her and doesn’t enjoy writing during school but loves writing on her own.

Five In A Row – I will do separate posts on our FIAR activities.

Teach Reading 100 Easy Lessons -  Ellie hated this when we started several months ago so I put it up and about a month later she said she wanted to give it another chance. I was shocked because I hadn’t even mentioned it. Anyway, we started it back and she actually seems to look forward to it. We don’t do it during school time but right before rest time and it only takes 10 min. It is working great and her reading is taking off!

More then anything we read lots and lots of books!!

We have had two bad school days but we have brushed them off and started fresh the next day!! I am so blessed to be able to homeschool my girls!

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