Thursday, November 8, 2012

2012- 2013 Curriculum

I love reading what other people are using for curriculum so I thought I would share what we are doing for school this year and a little about our school day.

Ellie (2nd grade):
For our core curriculum we are using Heart of Dakota Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory. We have really enjoyed working our way through this curriculum but I am only using it for history, bible, read aloud, poetry, and just a little bit of science. Everything else we are using our own thing.

Spelling: We are using Rod and Staff Sound and Structure

Writing: we are doing mini writing workshops and free writing during circle time (they both love this) and Winning With Writing.We also do the narration parts of Writing With Ease

Math: Math Mammoth and Miquon (we sprinkle in Life of Fred but more for fun)

Grammar: Growing With Grammar

Latin: Slowly going through Song School Latin

Geography: Evan Moore's Beginning Geography

Science: Ellie takes a science class every other Friday and I add in a nature study using Queen's Discovering Nature Series

Art: We are using Atlier Art

Music: piano lessons

Bible: Bible Study Guide for All Ages (We LOVE this) and AWANA

Things that I had planned to do that we are not getting to: Artist and Musicians study and Spanish

Emily( Age 4 Preschool)

Emily sits in with Ellie on History, Read Aloud, Poetry, Life of Fred, Latin, Bible

Math - Miquon and just playing with cuisenaire rods

Writing- We are pretty much doing our own thing

Reading - Reading Made Easy (she looks forward to this everyday) and Get Set For the Code

Bible -  Bible Study Guide for All Ages and AWANA

She also does lots of coloring, cutting and pasting.

This school year is going really well so far. We didn't have the greatest last couple of months in first grade so I am so happy that school is such a joy for us all now! I pray it continues that way!

Quickly I will share how we structure our day:
Monday - Thursday -The girls start off with there morning chores (typical brush hair, teeth etc. )We try to start our school day by 8. We have circle time and our writing time. After that we set the timer for 30 min. During that time I work with Emily and Ellie works on all of her independent work. After 30 min. we reset the timer and Ellie reads for 15 min. and I keep working with Emily. We then break for 30 min. so I can get a few things done and they play. We come back together and they have a snack while I read history, poetry, read aloud chapter book and anything else we need to cover all together. This usually takes about 30 min. to an hour. After that I work with Ellie and Emily plays with things off of our school shelf. I let her pick whatever she wants. She loves this time and gets very creative!

 Fridays are pretty laid back. We only school half the amount of time and it tends to be more of the fun stuff like math and spelling games, crafts etc.

So that is pretty much our school week in a nutshell!

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