Thursday, November 15, 2012

School - What is Working, What is Not

I mentioned in the previous post that school was going a lot better this year and I think there are several things that have really helped:

  • implementing a rewards chart -  I really struggled with this because I thought that the girls should have good attitudes in school without being "bribed" but my very smart hubby mentioned that almost everything we do in life brings some kind of reward and that it could be a very positive thing and boy was he right. We have a chart with 20 circles to fill up. Fill up the chart and you get to pick something off of the rewards list such as stay up an hour later, special outing with mom or dad, watch a movie in bed etc. It has been so successful!
  • including recess (30 min. break) I was wondering if I would  they would have a hard time getting back on track after the break but I was wrong again. I They come back with happy hearts and more energized. I am sure the snack we have right after is also a good motivator.
  • only fitting in morning chores before school and leaving the bigger ones for after school - Last year the girls really stretched out the morning chores which put me in a bad mood before school ever started so now if they drag their feet they are messing with their own free time:)

What is not working out so well is having activities that are right after school that we need to rush too. I do not like having to clock watch and rush the kids out the door to get somewhere and I am so sick of packing lunches!!! I know, i know, if the girls were in school i would probably be doing this everyday but still I don't like it :)

I struggle so much with wanting the girls to be a part of  the great homeschool opportunities in our area but I would love not to rush them out the door after school! In the spring we will probably drop one of our activities to get an extra day at home and hopefully that will help! It is hard also because Ellie is a go, go, go, girl and loves going out and being a part of anything and everything where as Emily is a lets stay home type of girl!

I would love to know what is working /not working for you!

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