Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oh the funk!

Ellie's chore on Tuesdays is to bring down the 4 trash cans from upstairs to dump in the big can outside. She has mentioned that Emily's trash,which probably has a few pee pee diapers in it, is a little stinky before but not really complained about. Well this is how she came down with the trash on Tuesday: I asked her why she was wearing a drum on her head she said "It helps with the funk"!

Some other funny Ellieisms (what i call funny things Ellie says):
I was pretending that her feet were stinky and kept smelling them and saying Shoowee and after a few times of her not paying any attention to me she turned and very seriously said "If you don't like the way the smell why do you keep sniffing them?"
We were reading a book the other day and I was counting the different items and stuff in the book thinking I was really smart and getting in a little math lesson. Ellie said "Mom, can we just read the book and stop trying to do math at the same time?"


Jennifer said...

Cute! She is a little firecracker! :)

Teresa said...

Is your trash man wearing a bathing suit???? :)

That girl is too funny.

Christopher said...

Man she cracks me up. She is so funny.