Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I can't believe that I have not done a preschool post yet! What a slacker:) Here are some of the activities that Ellie has chosen from her shelf.

Making a turtle from her thumbprint in stages following the example sheet (she really really liked this)
Sequencing Cards
Lacing Shapes (or as Ellie calls it..sewing)

Playing with the unifix cubes (I have never introduced these before so I just let her explore them)

Following the patterns in the Clifford's magnetic book

Playing with the wiki sticks

Playing a memory game

Pouring and spooning lentils

Ellie has always wants me right there for every activity she does but the last day we did preschool she was so much more independent and really explored the materials. It was so great to watch. She has never been a block girl but lately she has been building like crazy. We have small wooden blocks, big Lego blocks, Lincoln Logs, and cardboard blocks and she has played with them all so much!!!! I love it and it is something she can do with Emily. We have also built lots of forts lately. I love to see how her imagination is just flourishing!!!!

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Katy said...

Such a big girl!! I used to love concentration! ;-)