Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanks and Giving

OK this will be my last Thanksgiving post. I promise! I think:) This year we decide to do a thankful tree and giving boxes. I cut out a tree from poster board and leaves from construction paper and after dinner we would all say what we were thankful for. I would write it on the leaves and let the girls stick them on the tree. I also made 9 little boxes and put something we could do for someone else in them. I had planned on making them really cute with stickers and such but that never happened!!I wasn't sure Ellie would love this idea because a few of them were not so fun like do a chore for someone because you love them. She was just as excited about the giving boxes as she has been about the advent calendar at Christmas. Every morning during breakfast she talks about what might be in it and how she can't wait to see. She has done everything in them with excitement!

Here are a few of the things they are thankful for:

Ellie: holidays, the world and family
Emily: the letter "e", butterflies and Julie :)
Here were some of the giving boxes ideas:
Call someone and tell them you love them

Make a card for someone
Do a chore for someone
Donate something
Shop for someone in need (we went and shopped for our Salvation Army stockings)

Cook a meal for someone

and that is all I can remember at the moment

I am pretty sure we will do this again next year since it was such a hit!

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Christopher said...

I really like the way you tied thanks and giving together. What a fun way to have the kids think about the blessings in their lives and turn around and share them with others!