Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Getting organized

I don't have a lot of storage for our homeschool supplies except my homeschool shelf, which I love, but I need more! We have a closet in our bonus room/classroom but it is very small and there were no shelves until my very handy husband recently added some for me:) He took apart an old shipping pallet so the wood was free and if anybody knows me they know I love free!!!! I know this picture isn't very good but I organized the shelves and then painted the edge with chalkboard paint so I could write what is on the shelf. I tend to re-organize a lot so it will be nice just to erase and rewrite what is on the shelf. Getting shelves motivated me to organize some of my materials too. I had quite a few felt stories laying around so I stapled the stories into file folders and then attached the felt pieces on the back.

The last thing that I did was organize my file folder holder (wow, I made a rhyme:) ). I had a ton of loose activities in it and I categorized them into season, holiday, file folder games, felt stories etc. so I can quickly find everything.


Christopher said...

Helping to provide you something is probably as close as I will ever be to organized.

Katy said...

Rather impressive Queen Team! love the reuse of the pallets!!