Monday, November 29, 2010

Advent Activities

Since we will be starting our advent calendar soon I wanted to share the activities we will be doing. A lot of these are the same as last year but I put in some new ones too!

1. Go see the singing bears

2. Go see Santa

3. Read Mr. Cookie Baker and make and decorate Christmas cookies

4. Read Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and make reindeer suckers to give to some of our neighbors

5. Read The Gingerbread Man and decorate paper gingerbread men with paint, glitter, buttons etc.

6. Read One Winter’s Day and the girls each pick out something to donate (it goes with the theme of the book)

7. Read The Berenstein Bears Christmas Tree and make Christmas trees from sugar ice cream cones

8. Read Gingerbread Baby and decorate gingerbread houses

9. Read Rudolph Shines Again and make reindeer cupcakes from Family Fun magazine

10. Read The Littlest Angel and go see The Littlest Angel play at the Children’s theatre

11. Read Dear Santa and write letters to Santa

12. Read the Biggest, Best Snowman and make a snow man art craft and eat a snow cone

13. Read If You Take A Mouse To The Movies and take the girls to the movies

14. Read The Story of Christmas and go see The Live Nativity at church

15. Paint ornaments

16. Take the girls to Santa’s Bag. Basically the girls take some of their money (anywhere from 25 cents to $5) and they get to shop for people in a little store with elf helpers

17. Play Silver Bell Game (memory game using Hershey Kisses)

18. Make frozen hot chocolate

19. Read Christmas books by the Christmas tree in our sleeping bags at bedtime

20. Have breakfast for dinner in our PJ’s

21. Christmas movie night

22. Make gingerbread playdoh

23. Make cookies to leave out for Santa

24. Go to the Christmas play at church

25. Christmas day!!

I love Katherine Marie Photography’s advent calendar ideas! All of her advent activities are Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. Although we are not doing this in our calendar (maybe next year) I am going to use some of her ideas to incorporate into our Christmas season!


Katy said...

sounds like y'all are going to have a wonderful Advent season! Merry CHRISTmas!!

Teresa said...

So many good ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Christopher said...

They all sound like fun but I think I like the singing bears the best!