Monday, November 8, 2010


The last book that we rowed with our friends was Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans. Madeline is about a young girl who lives in a boarding school in France. She has to have an emergency appendectomy and all of her friends get to visit her in the hospital. It is such a great book and we had a lot of fun with our activities. Here are the things we did:

Read Madeline

Played Madeline's house board gameWorked on symmetry by having the girls finish the rest of the pictures. I got this idea and most of our activities from Five In A Row's website under the message board. There are so many great ideas on there!They colored a Madeline picture that I printed from herepainted Madeline hats that I made out of plates. I got the idea from here but I used Styrofoam and the paint just peeled right off. Oops!
Some of the other activities that we did were:

Watched a Madeline movie, watched this hospital tour on You Tube (over and over), played doctor, made crepes which surprisingly the girls didn't love, and read Big and Busy Body book. This is a fun interactive book that we read quite often! The girls favorite activity was building the Eiffel Tower out of wafer cookies. I copied the idea from this post on Walking By the Way blog. She has wonderful FIAR ideas!! I started helping the girls build the tower but it kept falling. Luckily, dad came to the rescue and the girls were SO proud!!! Not proud enough not to devour it though:)

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Katy said...

that is so cool!! I love the tower!! I can't wait to see what fun activities you'll have for the Holiday season!