Sunday, November 30, 2008

Decorating for the Holidays

Our plan was to put up the Christmas tree on Friday evening but both girls were so tired and grumpy from our very busy Thanksgiving we decided to put it up after breakfast on Saturday. We have always decorated in the evenings and eaten Christmas cookies with hot chocolate but since we did it in the morning dad made Christmas pancakes with milk.

After breakfast Ellie was so excited while Chris was bringing down the decorations but Emily couldn't stay awake anymore so it was off to bed. I was kind of relieved because she sticks everything in her mouth but I also felt bad that she was going to miss out.

Ellie wanted the tree put together first and she waited patiently while dad got to work.
Ellie ended up decorating the lower half of the tree by herself and Chris and I did the top half, except for the star. I was so surprised at not only how great she did but how long this held her attention. She was even asking Chris and I were certain ornaments were from last year (this child has an amazing memory) . We did not end up moving or changing anything she put on the tree and I think she did a better job then Chris and I normally do!! We also put out our nativity set and told the story of baby Jesus. I have a feeling we will be doing this a lot before Christmas is over!!

We also introduced Ellie to The Elf on the Shelf.

We hid the book and put the elf on the mantle. Luckily, she found the book first so we read about how an elf watches to see if you have been naughty or nice and then reports back to Santa each night. Soon after reading the book Ellie saw the elf. She named him Jesus. We would tell her that Jesus was watching her and she would say "Mom, he is just a toy"!

Since Emily didn't get to help decorate I wanted to add a few pictures of her on Thanksgiving. You can tell she really enjoyed her meal!!!

After lunch her cousin Will was drawing so she picked up a pen and here is her masterpiece. Monkey see monkey do!!

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