Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Can't Do It!

That is what Ellie says every time she can't do something on the first try. It drives me crazy. Please someone tell me this is normal!!!! Anytime we work on a craft together or anything for that matter and she wants hers to look just like mine and if it doesn't she gets upset. I have talked until I am blue in the face about how everybodies is going to look different and that is what makes each persons project unique. This morning was no different. I asked her if she wanted to practice writing her name and she did. I bought a new erase board (gotta love the Target $ section) so she was excited to try it out. I wrote her name of couple of times and then gave the pen to her. She wanted her letters to be perfect and would grunt and growl every time it didn't look it exactly right. She kept practicing and was getting better but it wasn't good enough for her. I told her to just put it away if it was upsetting her but she switched gears instead and decided to draw pictures. That went much better!! She actually played on the dry erase board for about 15-20 min. which doesn't sound like a lot but for Ellie it's a lot!! Here are two of her masterpieces. She said that is was a mouse and Aunt Rhonda. I thought she did such a good job. Now that I look more closely it looks like the mouse is chasing Rhonda:)

Then she drew this one and said it was a whale in the water and it is sprouting water from the top and now he is going to go deeper and eat people. Totally her words, not mine:)


Christopher said...

Maybe it would help to work on projects with someone eles so the Ellie can see the other persons project is not exactly the same either.

Teresa said...

I think the next drawing activity should be a frog chasing Aunt Rhonda. :) Yes - your child is way normal.