Sunday, November 23, 2008

Preschool At Home

Since Ellie is not in preschool I want to have a loosely structured preschool at home, probably more for me then her. I am so much more productive if I have a plan for the day. The problem is I am so unsure what I want to do. There are several different "curriculum's" I would like to use so now I just need to pick one. I am very interested and most excited about Montessori activities. In case you are not familiar with Montessori you can read more information here but it is all about giving children self directed activities to teach independence in life and learning. Another option that I am considering is Before Five In A Row. It a Christian curriculum that uses children's literature to inspire learning by having you read children's literature and creating activities based on what you read. I have had this curriculum awhile and I think it is great but I am more interested in Montessori activities. The last idea is to just focus on reading lots and lots of books and have lots of child led activities. I feel like we are already doing this though and there is only so many times I can act out the story of Cinderella, which is all Ellie wants to do. There are lots of pros and cons to all so now I just have to bite the bullet and get started on something. My goal is to start the Monday after Thanksgiving. That will give me a little over a week to get everything in order. I will keep everyone posted of course:)

On another note....Ellie was playing dress up upstairs the other day and when she started down the stairs this is what she was wearing.

She was acting very shy and told Chris and I that she was at her wedding. She was the bride and she asked Chris to be her broom, not groom. It was so cute!!! Oh, excuse the mess on her stairs. That is where Ellie kept putting her stash of clothes after she tried them on. She could play dress up all day, every day.

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Teresa said...

Look at you with your hyperlinks. Thata girl!!

You know you could do a mix of those two programs Julie. I bet they would work well together. I love that the literature based one is very child centered but so is the montessori curriculum. That is a perk of you being the teacher - you pick what you like from both.

Chris is such a good broom. :)