Saturday, November 8, 2008

Loving The Weather!

We have had such beautiful weather the last couple of days and have spent lots of time outside. Ellie has been putting lots of miles on her Dora bike and Emily is just enjoying being outside. In the last couple of months Ellie has gone from barely being able to pedal and forget about steering to a little nascar driver. It is so fun to watch her conquer new things!

We have also enjoyed some inside play time this week. A few weeks ago I showed Ellie how to color rice with food coloring. I thought she would really enjoy scooping the rice into ziplocks, pouring in the food color and shaking the bags but I was wrong. The only part she enjoyed was dumping the rice into her sensory tub so I was very surprised when she asked me if we could color rice yesterday. We got all of the stuff out but she informed me it would be more fun to pour rice into bowls and stir the food coloring in with spoons so that is what we did.

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