Monday, May 25, 2009

Bit of This and That

Happy Memorial Day!!

Remember this post? I am not close to my 30 recipes yet but I am working on it. On a sheet of paper I put 3 columns: Definite, maybe and Need to Try. I have 5 definite recipes I am going to use, 3 maybes and 8 recipes I want to try. For the next few weeks we will be trying a lot of new recipes until I get all 30. Once I get all my recipes I will post a list of them. Has anyone else started?

I have a new author that I am loving!! Her name is Diane Chamberlain. My friend, Teresa, recommended one of her books which I still haven't read but I just finished reading Before the Storm and it was really good. She reminds me of Jodi Picoult but better!!!

While I am at it I will do a movie review:) I went and saw Ghosts of Girlfriends Past with Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner. I love both of them but the movie just wasn't that good. Story line was pretty weak and if you want to see it I would recommend renting it.

I told you it was a bunch of this and that!

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