Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bonus Room Rearrange

I drool over blogs when they post pictures of their homeschool rooms!! Our school / art supplies are stored (thrown) in the bottom of the entertainment center, some in the bonus room, and some downstairs. Well I have decided that I wanted to change the bonus room from being a family/play room to a family room, craft room, and homeschool room. I am so sick of our stuff being unorganized and scattered. So far I have organized our homeschool activities and I am so excited and so is Ellie!! I need to go back and label everything but here is what I have done so far:

Now here is a breakdown (humor me):

Box: Any language art activities

Box: Math and counting activities

Scales, globe and the file folder holder with worksheets

Holiday books

Box: Montessori containers for sorting etc.

Forming letter activities and create a story stuff

4 Plastic containers: beads, pegs, lacing cards and flashcards

Language art activities

Pattern and sequencing activities

Box: Felt stories and felt cut outs

Workbooks and more Holiday books

My homeschool reference books

Nesting blocks, Wooden shoe for tying shoe practice and Widgets

Bottom 2 baskets are where we put the preschool activities we are currently working on

Wooden puzzles

Floor puzzles

The other 2 baskets that hold the preschool activities we are currently working on

My next project in that room is my craft area so stayed tuned:)


Christopher said...

It looks great and well organized...How do you keep Emily from pulling everything down?

Julie said...

Don't jinx me!!!! I only put things on the bottom 2 shelves that she could play with. If that doesn't work then i will tape her to the wall:)

Teresa said...

Oh my gosh - I love it. I want to come play with all your stuff. It looks so good. Can't wait to see the art/craft stuff.

Katy said...

Great work chicka!!! Very impressive!