Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

Tuesday we celebrated Cinco de Mayo. Ellie loves to wake up to me telling her we are celebrating ??? today. She doesn't care what ??? is she just knows that if we are celebrating we are going to have something yummy to eat and usually do something fun:) Hopefully Tuesday was no exception! We were very busy!!! Truthfully I have never "celebrated" Cinco de Mayo before (other then going out for Mexican food and hanging with friends) but I thought it would be a good reason to talk about Mexico etc. We broke out the globe again and while they played with it I talk to the about why people celebrate that day but mainly we talked about Mexico (people, language, food, etc.) I love the way Ellie sits and listens and truly seems interested to learn. We made sombrero's:

Colored Mexican pictures: Once were the girls colored them we used Emily's to hunt and find different Mexican items and cut Ellie's into a puzzle. Made a yummy meal: Tacos, corn on the cob, guacamole and chips and for dessert Sopapilla Cheesecake Pie. It was delicious!!!! The recipe said it is was a Mexican dessert but I swear it came straight from Paula Dean with all of that butter and cream cheese!!Read this great book:
Played Mexican Bingo (can't remember what it is called)

The biggest hit of the night.......we made a pinata and filled it with dollar tree stuff and candy. The girls had soooo much fun with this.

What the pictures didn't show: Emily hanging on my legs whinning the whole time Ellie and I were making dinner, Emily eating her paint, Ellie crying b/c I messed up her picture by accident, and the house getting completely trashed b/c it was such a busy day and I was too exhausted to clean up (other then the kitchen) after putting the girls down. Was it worth it....absolutely!!!!! Do I want to do it again tomorrow? No way:)


Katy said...

Me gusta!! Usted es muy creador. Adoro alimento mexicano!

Did you understand any of that?? i know how much you love the spanish language! :-)

Looks like a blast!

Teresa said...

First of all Katy is a show off. :)
Second of all I love the picture of Emily coloring. And third of all your last paragraph is the best. :) Great post.

Christopher said...

The festivities were great! I know I had a good time and I was so suprised about how much Ellie remembered\knew about Mexco and why we were celebrating. You are awsome!