Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Need to Vent!

I was going to post on my craft area but I will save that for tomorrow because I need to vent a little! Parenting is always hard but the past two weeks have been so hard!!! I never knew how difficult it would be to parent two children with a three year age gap. Emily is proving to be a little bit of a challenge and I can't remember how to discipline a 16 month old. I honestly don't remember! They are already arguing!! Both girls and Chris have been sick this week so there has been extra whining from all (except Chris :) ) and less sleep. It all boils down to this: I am grumpy, exhausted and my house is trashed! Please tell me I am not alone and that next week will be better. OK rant over!


Teresa said...

You are so not alone. I really don't know how you and all the other crazy mom's of more than one do it. Just remember that even on your worst day - you are an amazing mom. Those girls hit the jack pot when they got you for a mama. Hang in there.

Valerie said...

Girl, I'm reaching my arms out across the neighborhood to your house and giving you a HUGE hug. I FEEL YOUR PAIN! Some days I seriously wonder what in the hell I was doing when I said I wanted to be a mom. And of more than ONE child!?

Vent away. I will always be here to listen.

It is very hard when the kids start arguing. I usually end up yelling. It's just crappy all around. Thank God for my husband who is sooooo even keel. All I can do is remember that their fighting (or whining or whatever) is not gonna kill me and try to keep breathing in and out. It's all you can do with that sometimes.

Hang in there.
Love you!

And ladies, seriously... can we please choose a date on the calendar and not just pencil in a girls night out, but sharpie in a date??? we need to de-stress!

Julie said...

Thanks girls so much! I love having such a great support system!!! Love you guys!

Christopher said...

You don't have to protect me...I'm a whinner! You are so awsome...I don't know how you do it all.

Anonymous said...

Now i bet you appreciate your mother more. She had four and i was gone most of the time. To be honest, I think you need a break as you are becoming burned out. Love you, Dad