Monday, July 13, 2009

New Chore Chart

I made Ellie a new chore chart today. On her last chore chart she basically did the same thing everyday: pick up your room and feed the cat. I think she will like her new chart a lot better because it is something different everyday. She still has to keep her room picked up but her new chart has pictures and is laminated so she can x off her chore once it is done.

Monday- clean off the stairs (they always get junked up after the weekend)
Tuesday- bring down all the trash cans from upstairs to be dumped in big can
Wednesday - feed cat and water plants
Thursday - clean off the table after dinner
Friday - clean up the playroom

I printed off clip art of each chore and and glued them to a piece of colored card stock and then laminated it of course because I have to laminate everything.


Christopher said...

I hope the new chart goes well!

King of King said...

Ok; next she will have to scrub the kitchen floor with a tooth brush,,, he,he