Thursday, July 30, 2009

This and That

I just wanted to share a bit of this and that today.

I joined a fruit and veggie co-op and I am so excited!! I will post a picture of what I get after my first pick up. Our vegetable garden has done great but we need more variety. Our garden is producing lots of squash and cucumbers and some tomatoes and zucchini but the beans never came up and we haven't gotten any corn yet but we are close.

Chris recently added onto our swing set. He added another A framed section so the swings aren't so close together. Before the swings were side by side and Emily kept trying to grab Ellie while they were swinging. Our plan is to add to the back of the set so the playhouse part is bigger.

I still have not been able to come up with 30 recipes but I am still working on it. Until then I have found this great info. on getting back to the basics with meal planning and there were great tips. My favorite was to designate each day of the week with a particular type of food:
Monday- pasta

Tuesday - Mexican

Wednesday - Crock Pot

Thursday - Soup/Salad and/or sandwiches

Friday - Pizza

Sat. - Something New

Sunday - Casserole

I have made two notebooks, one for Homeschooling and one for home. In the home notebook I just printed off monthly calendars and each day has what we are having for dinner and what my cleaning chores are going to be for that day. I plan on updating this monthly. I will also keep a master grocery list in there and lots of blank paper for making more lists:) It is going to stay on the counter so when I run out of something I can just jot it down. Gosh, I love lists!!!!!!!! I still haven't finished my Homeschool Notebook but when I do I will give more details.
Last thing I want to share if anybody is still awake is a few things Ellie has said recently. The other day she wore dress shoes without socks and when she took her shoes off her feet were quite stinky and she said in a genuinely upset voice "Oh no, now my feet stink like Daddy's." Today she was looking at a catalog and she said, "Mom, I need to sit on the potty so I can read my newspaper."


Teresa said...

That Ellie cracks me up. I need to know more about the veg and fruit co-op. Your notebooks sound great.

Katy said...

oh my goodness she's a funny girl!! And I love that you are only telling on Dad... What funny things does she say about Mom???

SmallWorld at Home said...

I love lists, too! I just wish I could find the ones I make. thanks for visiting the Carnival of Homeschooling!