Sunday, July 19, 2009

Water Colors

I bought some water color for the girls to use awhile back and it was a waste of money. The color didn't show up on the paper and basically it was just a watery mess. That is what I get for buying the cheap kind. I was reluctant to buy any more but wanted to give water color another try. I bought each of the girls and little case of Melissa and Doug's water color and I am so glad I did! Huge difference in quality but not a big difference in price:) I think I paid less then $3 each and they love having their own case.


Katy said...

oh fun!! Watercolors can be so fun to work with. I remember in art class doing a project with rubber cement and watercolors where you put the rubber cement down where you don't want the paint to go. Kind of playing off the negative aspect. Can't wait to see all their creations!!

Christopher said...

Less than $3 and I didn't get a set...I am very not happy!

I love how much the girls enjoy creating. How wonderul you find so may ways for them to present their view of the world.