Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sight Words

Ellie and I are working on sight words and I thought I would share a few of the activities we are doing with them that seem to be working. I have story starter cards and I will get out several of them and we have to make up a sentence or story about the picture using our new sight word at least once. We each take a turn doing it. Sometimes I will have her spell it instead of say it in the story. This has been a lot of fun and she has been pretty creative with her stories. She has even been telling me something later in the day and exaggerated the sight word we have been working on, which I love.

I will also get a book that we read often and while I am reading have her find the sight word we are working on throughout the book.

The last thing we have been doing during circle time is to take turns having each other do an action using our sight word. For example we recently had IN - She had me jump in a circle and I had her stomp in a square or walk in a straight line.

I am trying to make it as fun as possible and so far she is enjoying it.

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Christopher said...

Too cool! I wish I could be around for that...I love it when she makes up stories. I bet she reaelly enjoys the taking turns acting out the word.