Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To The Moon and This and That

Grandpa saved a big dryer box for us and the girls have had so much fun with it! Last night Chris and Ellie made it into a rocket ship. We added glow in the dark stars inside and some home made art work. This morning our rocket ship flew to help Tinkerbell find the lost moon treasure.

In other news, I went by Goodwill today because I was driving right past it and couldn't resist, and I got Emily a Kettler bike for $4.99!!!! I am so excited. It has a little rust on the handle bars but I am OK with that.

Last thing....I recently saw a post on a blog where someone took three sectioned off wooden boxes from the Dollar Tree and made their own movable alphabet set. Any idea whose blog that was? Thanks so much!


The Activity Mom said...

Great rocket ship!
I saw the shelf/moveable alphabet on The Shafer Family blog I think.

Christopher said...

I wish i could have taken that rocket trip. All we saw on our trip was tickling slime and space dads.