Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Snowy Day

I am really enjoying doing Before Five In A Row with the girls and their friends!!!! This week we "rowed" the book The Snowy Day. I planned a lot of activities for this book and we did not get to all of them but that is OK. Here is what we did get to:
  • Started off reading the book while drinking hot chocolate and then putting the story in order using story cards from here.
  • I made play dough with glitter and the girls made snowmen using pipe cleaners, google eyes, buttons and jewels (this was so fun)
  • Decided what/who made the different tracks in the snow (I just free handed these on copy paper)
  • Used dot markers on Letter S - snowman sheets from here

  • Had a snowball fight with cotton balls (Couldn't take a picture because I had to get in on the action)
  • Used the snowballs (cotton balls)to match up to snowman floor numbers from here

  • Used the snowman numbers to play a game ( I would call out a number and have everybody to something silly on that number)

  • Gave everyone a tray of Cool Whip to practice writing S and lots of other letters (one of the girls favorites)
  • Ate white chocolate snowballs (I got the recipe from here and just covered them in white chocolate instead of milk and they were so yummy)
  • The girls matched the colored scarves to the colored snowman hats. I printed these here.
  • Snowflake matching game printed from here

  • After lunch we made snow cones
It was a very busy, fun day. I have to say Ellie's behavior for over half of these was not very good and she was uncooperative but thankfully she pulled it together and it all ended on a great note!


Christopher said...

Wow...what fun activities. I bet they had a blast! And you did not get to all of them? That must have taken forever to plan and prepare.

sippy cup mom said...

Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. I think we must think alike as we are trying work boxes and use FIAR. Looks like you have two smarty pants!