Monday, February 22, 2010

Tot School

Tot School

Emily is 26 months old
Here are tot activities from last week.
Transferring water from one side to the other with a sponge.

Lacing Card
Matching colored discs into egg dying bowls

Putting dried spaghetti into container

One of her favorites was using a dot marker on a Veggie Tales coloring page. She laughed every single time she marked it. It was so cute!

Pouring water from one pitcher to the next

Putting coins in a piggy bank

Playing Candy Land. She loves loves this!

Playing at the park with dad and Ellie
and when you leave her alone for 5 min. pouring out all of the Parmesan cheese from the container!


The Activity Mom said...

great activities

Anonymous said...

Great activities! I totally cracked up at the Parmesan cheese picture! The candy land game looks like a lot of fun!

Christopher said...

Wow...It looks like she is having a great time with all of her activities.