Friday, February 12, 2010

Tot School

Tot School
Emily is 26 months old

Emily has officially started tot school:) I was not sure how Ellie and I were going to have school with Emily awake because honestly I never dreamed she would sit and do activities along side Ellie but I tried it and IT WORKED! I put out three workboxes for Emily and she can choose one of those or sit at the desk with us and draw. It only took one day for her to "get" the rules. She knows she can only have out one activity at a time and she has to pick that one up before she can get out another one. There are also activities in Ellie's workboxes that she get to participate in such as crafts, books and writing. Both girls also love it when we include circle time as part of our school day. Here are some of the activities that Emily has been doing during tot school:

Using Leap Pad

Scooping and pouring snowPutting marbles in suction cups: (She really does wear clothes sometimes :) )Alphabet puzzleMagnetic Dress-upSome of the other activities that I didn't get a picture of were stacking pegs on her peg board

Using dot marker

Pouring water from one little pitcher to another (This was her favorite)

Now all of this being said don't think that she is completely pleasant the whole time. We have had our fair share of time outs during school but it is still way better then I ever thought!!


Katy said...

that's funny you mentioned the clothes thing - I was about to say "Now I know why you are home schooling - no having to buy school clothes!" hehe Just kidding!!

but you do this means... our little baby is growing up!!

Dawn said...

I have a boy who's just a few days shy of 26 months. Don't you just love the way they assert their independence at this age by, oh, refusing to wear clothing? :)

Love the suction cups/ marbles...we'll have to try that one! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great week! Those leap pads look like a lot of fun! I have been trying to think/find ideas for my son's 3rd birthday. I might have to look into one of those!

sbswtp said...

Great activities...and how fun that you officially started tot school...and that it is working out ;)