Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Activities

December has been such a fun month but it has flown by!!!!The advent calendar activities have been a big hit. Ellie's favorites were reading in our sleeping bags by the tree, making cookies and going to see the singing bears.
We made gingerbread cookies and I think Ellie ate more dough then cookie. Actually she might have eaten more flour then anything. Every time I turned around she was choking on flour. Gross, huh?
Saturday is when we went to see the bears. I thought Ellie would like seeing the bears and Emily would love it because Emily loves anything big and fussy but it was just the opposite. Ellie LOVED watching and listening to the bears and Emily was too grumpy to care. There is a fence around the bears and Ellie leaned on the rail for about 20 min. listening to them and then all of the sudden she started dancing in front of everybody and singing very loudly with the bears. It was hilarious!!! She was acting like she was on stage. Oh the innocence of being a child:)

Merry Christmas everybody!!!

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