Monday, December 8, 2008

Preschool Update

We did our first week of "Montessori" preschool last Tuesday and Friday. I put Montessori in quotations because it is just my version of it:) I told Ellie that we were going to start preschool and she got the biggest grin on her face. She wanted to get started as soon as she got her book bag together. I went over the rules and let her get started. The first activity Ellie choose was the lacing cards. I showed her how to do them and she didn't quite get it but I let her finish and showed her again and she did much better with the second one. The second activity was using the tweezers to put the pom poms in the butterfly. She did great with this activity and worked diligently but when she was done she said that her hand was really tired. She also picked the mystery bag and riddle houses. The mystery bag was too easy but she still enjoyed it. I need to make it more challenging. Notice she is wearing a Cinderella dress. Very seldom will you see her in something other then dress up clothes.

On Thursday I told her we were going to do preschool on Friday and that is the first thing she wanted to do on when she woke up!! It was hard for her to wait until Emily's nap. When she came downstairs she was wearing her book bag and carrying her bear,Cinderella, that she brought for show and tell. For her activities she picked beginning letter sounds which she missed a few so hopefully she will want to pull that out again. She also picked the snowman felt activity that I will write about soon and the last activity she picked was the letter cards where you match the magnetic letters with the picture and then write the word with your finger in the sand. She wrote the word hat and I really wish I had a picture of it but I had left the camera in Emily's room. The H was great, A was sideways and the T was really good. All in all preschool this week was a success!!

We never started B5IAR because we just got busy and lazy:) Maybe this week.

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