Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Freezer Paper Stencils

My friend Katy and I made Christmas freezer paper stencil shirts last week. It is such a fun, cheap and easy way to make shirts for the holidays or for any occasion. I love that I can make the girls coordinating shirts for so little money. No need to buy new shirts just use shirts you already have or a shirt with a stain on it and paint over the stain. So for anyone who is interested I will try and type out the directions for you! To make the shirts you will need a shirt, freezer paper, x-acto knife, fabric paint, paint brush and an iron.

1. Find a picture that you want to use. You can use a true stencil or just pick something off the internet. Trace the picture onto the non-slick side of the freezer paper.

2. Cut out the picture with a sharp x-acto knife.

3. Cut out another piece of freezer paper that is a little bigger then the cut out picture.

4. Stick the piece of extra freezer paper in between the front and back of the shirt. Basically, you are sandwiching the freezer paper slick side up in between the shirt.

5. Position the cutout freezer paper where you want it on the shirt slick side down. Make sure that it lines up with the freezer paper that is sandwiched in the shirt.

6. Iron over the freezer paper and it seals the picture down. Make sure it is down snugly.
7. Now paint the picture. It usually takes two coats of paint.

8. Let it dry overnight before peeling off the freezer paper. Viola you have a cute shirt.
Here are the shirts for both girls.

Hope all of that made sense!!


Teresa said...

Love the tree shirts. You directions look great to me. Where can I get that tree stencil?

Christopher said...

I love it when you make these. Speaking of stains...I think I have a few with stains we could stencil!