Saturday, December 6, 2008

Our schedule

I have had such a hard time finding time to clean and play with the girls and have some me time. I just can't seem to find a nice balance so I made a schedule for us to loosely follow.

Our Schedule: M, W, F
6:00 Up and Shower
6:30 Emily up (they can't get out of bed earlier then this but they can certainly sleep later!!)
7:00 Ellie up
7:10 Breakfast
7:30 Mom's chores
Ellie does all of her chores
Emily play by herself
8:00 Playtime for all of us
9:30 Emily’s nap
Ellie show
10:00 Ellie play by herself
11:30 Eat lunch
1:30 Rest time for all of us!!
2:30 Ellie show
Playtime with Emily
3:00 Snack Time and do Before Five in A Row
4:00 Ellie and Emily play by themselves
Dinner Prep
6:00 Dad comes home and we eat dinner

On Tuesdays and Thursdays it is basically the same except we will do Montessori preschool stuff during Emily's nap time.

We loosely tried the schedule this week and so far so good. There are so many days that we aren't home for part of the day so I am just using this as a guideline. The best thing that has come from the schedule so far is Ellie's chore time. I have never given Ellie chores before but I made her a M-F chore chart. After breakfast she has to clean up her room and feed the cat and at dinner time set the table. She was really excited about her chart because she gets to put her own X's on it. I printed the chart from this website. Everyday she has picked up her room by herself and it gives me time to get cleaned up after breakfast and unload the dishwasher. The only day she whined about it was the first day. I thought she would do a freak show every morning so that has been such a pleasant surprise!!! She is so proud of herself. She has yet to set the table though because I just can't remember to tell her.

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