Monday, December 29, 2008


We had a wonderful Christmas! Ellie was so excited and a little overwhelmed on Christmas morning. Last year she would open a gift and then we would play with it for awhile so it took hours to open gifts but this year she would open and shove it aside and move on to the next. The girls big present was a kitchen which we hid in the playroom with a blanket thrown over it. It was probably two hours after opening gifts that Ellie went in there and noticed it. She was very excited about it but not enough to play with it at the time. She was all about the beauty kit that Santa brought. Emily enjoyed playing with anything that would make noise and snacking on sausage balls.

Ellie finally did play with her kitchen. She likes cooking for Emily.

While she was cooking her pretend phone rang and she answered it....Beauty Parlor Hotline. That's my girl:) Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!!

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Christopher said...

Julie had started the tradition of making sausage balls the night before so we don’t have to mess with cooking…what a yummy tradition!

I love watching the girls open their presents…what a sense of Joy! It is probably too late to share this with anyone but my wife…and she has heard it many times but here goes. One year my sister and I decided to let Mom and Dad sleep in on Christmas morning and we opened our presents without them. To this day I cannot forget the look of disappointment on my Mom’s face. I have an idea now of what that would feel like…anyway…we never did that again.